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How long does shipping take?

Please refer to our shipping policy here.

If I do not like the hair or the product that I purchased, can I receive a refund? 

Please refer to our refund policy here.

Which shampoo is best to use on human hair weave?

We recommend sulfate-free shampoos, as sulfates strip the hair and may cause dryness, tangling, or both. We also sell co-washes, which are recommended for people who do not like to use regular shampoos. 

What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity refers to the hair’s ability to absorb moisture and is either low, normal, or high, based on hair type. It is essential that people know which category their hair falls into, so they can apply “smart purchasing techniques.” Click here for instructions on how you can determine your hair's porosity.

Why is non-remy virgin hair cheap and raw hair so expensive? Why doesn’t your brand sell non-remy hair?

Raw hair is human hair that has not undergone any chemical processing and has been cut off from a single donor, inspected, and cleaned. On the other hand, non-remy hair or “fallen hair” is a lot cheaper because it is the scraps of hair that is collected from the ground, out of combs, and then mixed with harsh chemicals and dipped in silicone to appear silky. It typically will tangle within a few months before you need to repurchase it again, whereas authentic, pure, raw hair, should last years with proper hair care. 

Why do you say you want your customers to practice “smart purchasing?” What does that mean exactly?”

We believe that most consumers desire hair that is not only gorgeous, but also healthy. Not only do we want you to obtain both, we also want you to do it within reasonable financial means that works within your budget. Many consumers complain about spending hundreds, if not thousands over the years on products that have yielded poor results and did not work on their hair whatsoever.

Smart purchasing consists of finding out as much as you can about your hair, determining your specific hair goals, and buying products that work for your SPECIFIC needs. We also believe in group purchasing to obtain certain goals. For instance, a shampoo and conditioner of the same line typically work better together rather than mixing and matching two different brands and expecting superb results. As one of the leaders in the beauty supply industry, we want to ensure the you reach your beauty desires by staying abreast on what it takes for you to get there, from DIY techniques, healthy hair-care regimens, and much more. That’s what we’re here for! 😊

Will you carry wigs, pack human hair, and other popular braiding hair soon?

We carry wigs, braiding hair, clip-ins, pack human hair, and crochet hair, by popular hair brands inside of our physical store located in Paramount, CA. We continuously negotiate with many hair manufacturers that our customers want on an ongoing basis. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay updated on all the projects we are working on to get our customers everything that they desire in the immediate future.